First Ever Pro Padel All-Star Game To Be Played In San Diego

Padel all star pro game san diego poster

Celebrating the conclusion of its inaugural season, the Professional Padel League is gearing up for a historic moment with its first-ever all-star game scheduled to take place in San Diego this weekend.

To the uninitiated, padel may seem akin to tennis, but according to Ryan Redondo, the co-owner and CEO of the San Diego Stingrays, the local Pro Padel League team, it’s tennis with a unique twist.

“It’s a fusion of tennis and squash, sharing similar skill components such as grips, techniques, and shot selections,” Redondo explained. “Think of squash because of the glass walls surrounding the court.”

This weekend’s all-star game, set to unfold at the Barnes Tennis Center, marks a significant milestone for the sport.

Barnes Tennis Center San Diego
Barnes Tennis Center – San Diego

“It’s touted as the fastest-growing sport globally,” Redondo emphasised. “While pickleball takes the lead in the United States, Padel’s popularity transcends borders. The clash between the finest players from the Western and Eastern regions promises to be truly exhilarating.”

The enthusiasm surrounding this event has ignited a passion in Redondo, a San Diego State graduate, to impart his knowledge of the sport and contribute to its expansion.

“I can hit the ball against the glass wall to make it go over or let it pass me, then return with a powerful hit. Those are the rules,” Redondo said, highlighting the dynamic nature of padel.

There will be representation of all 10 league teams at the all-star game. The fact that this milestone is achieved in one of America’s Finest Cities adds an extra layer of significance, as it introduces new enthusiasts to the sport.

All 10 Pro Padel League teams logos
Padel Pro League Team’s Logos

“It feels fantastic to be a part of a positive impact for the city and the community; that’s the most significant aspect,” Redondo expressed. “Watching the game is enjoyable, but playing it is even better. We are passionate about padel, and I’m thrilled to contribute to its growth.”

The festivities for the all-star event will kick off at 4 p.m. PST on Saturday 18th November 2023 at the Barnes Tennis Center in Point Loma, promising an exciting showcase of talent and a memorable celebration for the burgeoning sport.

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