Best Padel Shoes In 2023

Best padel shoes

Welcome to the ultimate guide on padel shoes for 2023.

As a passionate padel player, having the right footwear is crucial for maximising your performance on the court.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best shoes available, provide tips for choosing the perfect pair, and answer common questions related to padel footwear.

Whether you’re a male or female player, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

What are the Best Padel Shoes in 2023?

When it comes to the best padel shoes in 2023, several factors come into play, such as comfort, stability, durability, and traction. Here are our top recommendations:

Adidas court jam control padel shoe

Adidas Court Jam Control 2023

Budget Friendly

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Experience Comfort and Stability with the Adidas Court Jam Control Padel Shoe

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and stability with the Adidas Court Jam Control Padel Shoe.

Featuring a rugged herringbone outsole pattern, this shoe excels on gravel and padel courts, providing exceptional traction.

Designed with a breathable mesh upper and a flexible midsole incorporating Bounce technology, the Court Jam Control offers optimal support and flexibility for agile movements on the court.

Its reinforced interior and front ensure durability, while the hidden lacing adds a sleek touch.

Affordable and reliable, the Adidas Court Jam Control is the go-to choice for padel players seeking high-quality footwear without breaking the bank.

Elevate your game with this comfortable and stable padel trainer.

Babolat jet premura 2 padel shoe

Babolat Jet Premura 2


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Introducing the Upgraded Jet Premura Padel Shoe by Babolat – Lightweight and Enhanced Performance

Experience the next level of performance with the upgraded Jet Premura Padel Shoe by Babolat.

Now lighter at approximately 13 grams, this shoe enables faster and more comfortable movement on the court.

Its Matryx Evo upper provides a snug fit with its durable yet feather-light construction.

Through collaboration with Mondo and Michelin, Babolat has created a sole that combines mobility, cushioning, and durability, making it perfect for padel shoes in 2023.

Elevate your game with the enhanced Jet Premura and enjoy an optimal playing experience.

Asics Gel-Resolution 8 Padel Shoe

Asics Gel-Resolution 8


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Upgrade your game with the Gel-Resolution 8 2023, the newest edition of Asics’ best-selling Gel-Resolution shoe.

Designed to provide exceptional stability without sacrificing agility, this shoe is perfect for fast turns on the padel court.

Built to last and deliver superior comfort, the Gel-Resolution 8 is a reliable choice for padel enthusiasts seeking both durability and performance in 2023.

Join the ranks of satisfied athletes worldwide who trust Asics for their padel footwear needs.

Experience the winning combination of stability, comfort, and quality with the Gel-Resolution 8 Padel trainer.

Elevate your game and step up your style with Asics’ latest innovation in padel footwear.

Adidas Adizero Cybersonic

Adidas Adizero Cybersonic


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Introducing the Adidas Adizero Cybersonic: The Ultimate High-end Padel Shoe

Unleash your true potential on the court with its durable outsole providing a perfect grip, you can confidently navigate the court and make swift directional changes with ease.

The Adizero Cybersonic features innovative “Energyrods” technology, enhancing your agility and allowing you to quickly switch directions, giving you the edge over your opponents.

The mesh uppers not only provide excellent durability but also reinforce the shoe, delivering stability during intense gameplay.

Specifically designed for the padel court, the herringbone-patterned Adiwear outsole offers the perfect balance of grip and durability.

You can expect exceptional traction that will keep you grounded without compromising the shoe’s longevity.

If you’re in search of premium padel shoes, the Adizero Cybersonic 2023 is your go-to choice.

Best Padel Shoes for Women in 2023

Female padel players have unique requirements when it comes to footwear and typically need smaller sizes.

Here are our recommendations for the best padel shoes for women in 2023:

Asics Solution Swift FF

Asics Solution Swift FF

Our Choice

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Experience unmatched mobility and comfort with the Asics Solution Swift FF Women’s Padel Shoes.

Designed with a focus on agility, these shoes are perfect for all types of padel players, providing you with versatile performance on the court.

The Solution Swift FF features specially designed soles that offer exceptional traction and stability, ensuring you can confidently navigate the padel court with ease.

The midsole is equipped with FLYTEFOAMTM cushioning, delivering lightweight and durable shock absorption for a smooth and comfortable stride.

With TWISTRUSSTM technology, these shoes enhance stability during fast cuts and quick speed changes, allowing you to maintain control and agility during intense gameplay.

New Balance Women's 520 V7 padel shoes

New Balance Women’s 520 V7


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Experience exceptional performance, comfort, and durability on the padel court with New Balance Women’s 550 V7s.

With their sleek silver design, these shoes combine style with functionality.

Designed with a specialised outsole for excellent traction and grip, these shoes enable quick and precise movements during intense padel rallies.

The cushioning in the midsole provides optimal comfort and shock absorption, reducing fatigue and keeping you at your best for longer.

Choose New Balance Women’s Padel Shoes for superior stability, cushioning, and durability. Step up your game and make a statement on the court with these stylish and high-performing padel strainers.

Tips When Choosing Padel Shoes

Selecting the right pair of padel shoes can significantly enhance your performance and prevent injuries. Consider the following tips:

  • Fit and Comfort: Opt for shoes that provide a snug fit and ample cushioning to ensure comfort during long matches.
  • Stability and Support: Look for trainers that offer excellent lateral support and stability, as padel involves quick changes in direction.
  • Traction and Grip: Choose trainers with an outsole specifically designed for padel, providing superior traction on various court surfaces.
  • Durability: Padel trainers undergo significant wear and tear, so opt for brands known for their durability and quality construction.

You can read more general padel tips here.

What Kind of Shoes Do You Need for Padel?

Padel shoes are specifically designed to meet the demands of the sport.

They offer features like reinforced toe caps, lateral support, cushioning systems, and grippy outsoles.

Regular athletic trainers, such as running or tennis shoes, may lack these specialised features, compromising your performance and safety on the padel court.

Head padel trainers close up

What is Special About Padel Shoes?

Padel shoes are tailored to the unique requirements of the sport.

They are designed to provide stability during lateral movements, cushioning for quick sprints and stops, and enhanced grip to prevent slipping.

Additionally, they often feature reinforced areas to withstand frequent toe drag and durable materials to withstand the rigours of the game.

Are Padel Shoes Worth It?

Absolutely! Investing in a pair of dedicated padel shoes is worth it for any serious player.

They are specifically designed to enhance your performance, prevent injuries, and offer long-lasting durability, ensuring you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Are Tennis Shoes Good for Padel?

While tennis shoes may share some similarities with padel shoes, they are not ideal for padel.

Tennis shoes are designed for a different set of movements, and they may lack the specialised features needed for optimal performance and safety in padel.

Although, you can use any athletic shoe if you’re on a budget.

I think it took most of our team a year or two before we committed to getting dedicated padel trainers.

You can read our guide on the difference between tennis and padel shoes here.

Tennis shoes with a green smoothie on court

Can I Play Padel with Squash Shoes?

Squash shoes are designed for indoor courts and may not provide the necessary support, cushioning, and traction required for padel.

It’s best to opt for dedicated padel trainers to ensure the best playing experience.

Where Can I Get Padel Shoes in the UK?

In the UK, there are several options for purchasing padel shoes.

You can check specialised sports stores that cater to padel equipment and footwear.

Online retailers and e-commerce platforms also offer a wide variety of shoes, providing convenience and a vast selection to choose from.

Make sure to explore different brands and read reviews to find the perfect pair that suits your needs.

Dad helping son put on a padel shoe

Summing up

Choosing the right padel shoes is crucial for maximising your performance, comfort, and safety on the court.

Consider the recommendations mentioned in this guide, keeping in mind the specific requirements of male and female players.

Invest in high-quality padel trainers, and you’ll be equipped with the right footwear to take your game to new heights in 2023 and beyond.

Remember, the right trainers can make a world of difference in your padel journey.

So, lace up, step onto the court, and enjoy the exhilarating game of padel with confidence!