All Padel Shots Explained – Ultimate Guide

Padel shot

To excel in this thrilling sport, it’s essential to master a variety of padel shots.

In this guide, we talk about all the different types of padel shots, including the well-known La Bandeja and the Vibora.

We’ve also linked a handy YouTube video to explain each shot, when to use it, and tips on how to improve it.

Understanding these padel shots will elevate your game and give you a competitive edge on the court.

The Forehand Padel Shot

The forehand shot is one of the fundamental strokes in padel and is executed on the dominant side of the player.

To perform a forehand shot, start with a proper grip on the racket, maintain a balanced stance, and swing the racket from low to high as you make contact with the ball.

The forehand shot allows for power, accuracy, and versatility in different game situations.

The Backhand Shot

Similar to the forehand shot, the backhand shot is executed on the non-dominant side of the player.

It requires practice and proper technique to develop a strong backhand.

The key is to keep the wrist firm and use the whole arm to generate power.

Mastering the backhand shot will enable you to cover more areas of the court effectively.

The Padel Serve

The serve is the starting shot of each point.

It involves hitting the ball from behind the baseline diagonally into the opponent’s service box.

The serve is an opportunity to set the tone for the point, and different serving techniques, such as slice or topspin, can be used to gain an advantage.

A well-placed and well-executed serve can put your opponent on the defensive right from the start.

The Volley

The volley is a quick shot executed when the ball is still in the air without letting it bounce on the ground.

It requires excellent hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

The volley can be played using both the forehand and backhand technique, and it is often used in close-range exchanges at the net.

Precise volleying can help maintain control over the rally and put pressure on your opponents.

The Drop Shot In Padel

The Drop Shot is a shot played with finesse and precision, aiming to softly drop the ball just over the net.

It requires delicate touch and excellent control of the racket.

The Drop Shot is an effective tool for changing the pace of the game, surprising opponents, and forcing them to move quickly towards the net.

The Lob

The Lob is a defensive shot played by hitting the ball high into the air, aiming to send it deep into the opponent’s court.

It’s typically used when the opponent is at the net, allowing the player to buy time and reposition themselves.

The Lob requires good control and judgment of the ball’s trajectory to ensure it lands within the court boundaries and forces the opponent to move backward.

The Padel Smash

The padel smash is an aggressive shot played above the head, similar to a tennis overhead smash.

It’s performed when the ball is high in the air, allowing the player to generate significant power.

The smash is an effective offensive weapon that can intimidate opponents and create scoring opportunities.

However, it requires timing, coordination, and the ability to generate a downward angle on the ball.

La Bandeja

La Bandeja, or the “tray” shot, is a high-arcing shot that is played when the ball is close to the net and needs to be lifted over the opponent.

It involves using an open-faced racket to create topspin, which causes the ball to bounce high and deep into the opponent’s court.

La Bandeja is a strategic shot that can be used to regain control of the point or set up an offensive opportunity.

The Vibora

The Vibora, or the “snake” shot, is an advanced padel shot that requires finesse and deception.

It involves quickly changing the direction of the shot at the last moment, usually using a wrist flick, to surprise and confuse the opponent.

The Vibora can be used as a defensive shot or as a way to exploit openings in the opponent’s positioning.

It adds unpredictability to your game and can lead to winning points.

The Chiquita

The Chiquita is a shot played when the player is deep in their own court and needs to send the ball over the net with height and spin.

It involves a slicing motion, typically with an open racket face, to generate topspin.

The Chiquita is often used as a defensive shot to reset the rally or as a strategic shot to catch opponents off guard.

The Back Glass (Bajada Shot)

The Back Glass shot is played when the ball rebounds off the back glass.

It requires good positioning and timing to anticipate the ball’s trajectory.

Players can use the back glass strategically to create angles and surprise their opponents, either by hitting the ball directly off the glass or using it as a bounce to set up another shot.

The Kick Smash Shot In Padel

The Kick Smash is a powerful shot that combines a topspin shot with a high bounce off the ground.

It’s played by hitting the ball with an open racket face and generating topspin to make the ball kick up off the court.

The Kick Smash can be used to create difficulties for opponents by making the ball bounce unexpectedly high or at an awkward angle.

Summing Up All The Padel Shots

Mastering the different types of padel shots is crucial for becoming a skilled and versatile player.

The forehand, backhand, and serve shots form the foundation of your game, while the volley and smash provide opportunities for offensive play.

Specialty shots like La Bandeja, the Vibora, and the Chiquita add flair and strategy to your arsenal.

Additionally, shots like the Drop Shot, Back Glass, Kick Smash, and Lob expand your tactical options on the padel court.

Practice these shots diligently, and with time and experience, you will develop the expertise needed to dominate the padel court.

So, grab your racket, hit the court, and explore the exciting world of padel shots!

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