Boost Your Hotel’s Appeal with Padel Courts

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In the ever-evolving world of hospitality post-Covid, hotel owners are constantly seeking new ways to attract guests and stand out from the competition.

One innovative trend that has been gaining momentum is the integration of padel courts within hotel premises.

Padel, a racket sport that’s a hybrid of squash and tennis, is skyrocketing in popularity across the globe and is not only a thrilling recreational activity but also a smart investment for hotel owners.

In this article, we’ll explore the potential benefits of installing padel courts at your hotel, and why it can be a game-changer for your business.

If you’d like more information about getting your own padel courts read our full guide here!

Padel Courts in Hotels Can Attract a Wider Audience

Padel appeals to a broad demographic, making it an excellent choice for hotels looking to cater to a diverse range of guests.

Whether you’re targeting families, sports enthusiasts, or corporate travellers, Padel offers a fun and engaging activity suitable for all ages and skill levels.

It’s far more popular for women than its predecessor tennis with 30% of the total player base being female whereas tennis only has a mere 15%!

It’s also far more accessible and easier to play making it ideal for older guests and young families with kids.

By having padel courts on your premises, you’ll broaden your hotel’s appeal and attract a wider audience compared to more traditional hotel sports facilities like tennis courts.

Padel courts outside a hotel

Give Your Hotel a Competitive Edge

In a highly competitive industry, differentiating your hotel is crucial.

Padel courts can be a unique selling point that sets your property apart from the rest.

When potential guests are comparing hotels, the presence of padel courts may tip the scales in your favour, helping you win more bookings.

Searches for padel courts online have exploded recently and have been on an upward trend for the last 5 years.

It’s predicted that Padel will soon make a large dent in the tennis market share with its compound annual growth rate at a staggering 8.1% compared to tennis’ 3%.

It’s clear that the people want Padel and the demand for courts at sites like hotels is only going to increase.

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Revenue Generation For Hotel Padel Courts

While installing padel courts requires an initial investment, they can become a profitable asset within a fairly short time frame.

Here’s what might tempt you to install courts at your hotel…

Did you know that you can fit 3 padel courts on the space required for just 1 tennis court and that padel is often played in doubles!

Fit three padel courts on one tennis court

This means you can have far more players playing at once which means a fantastic opportunity to squeeze more revenue for your space.

You can charge guests for court rental, offer lessons, or even host padel tournaments or events, creating additional revenue streams.

These activities not only generate income but also contribute to your hotel’s overall ambiance and entertainment options.

And the fact they take up far less space than tennis courts? Seems like a no-brainer.

Especially if you were to use a tennis court padel conversion company – you can get a quote for a conversion here.

Provide for Guests Looking to Keep Active

Many travellers today are health-conscious and seek ways to stay active during their stays.

Padel courts provide an opportunity for guests to engage in physical activity without leaving the hotel.

This can be particularly attractive to health-focused travellers who prioritise exercise while travelling.

Corporate Retreats and Team Building

Hotels with padel courts can cater to corporate clients seeking unique venues for team-building activities and retreats.

Padel offers a collaborative sport that promotes team spirit, making it an ideal choice for corporate events.

Hosting such gatherings can be a lucrative business opportunity.

Because padel is far easier to play and just as, if not more fun, than tennis, it makes for a perfect team-building activity for business retreats so this is a great opportunity.

Marketing and Social Media Buzz

Padel courts are visually appealing and make for great content on your hotel’s website and social media platforms.

Sharing photos and videos of guests enjoying the sport can help market your hotel and increase its visibility online, attracting more potential guests.

Tennis courts are boring, but padel is new, fresh and intriguing. If you build it they will come is the key message here.

Padel court hotel social media post


The decision to install padel courts at your hotel can be an astute strategic move that pays off in numerous ways.

From attracting a diverse clientele to generating additional revenue and enhancing the overall guest experience, padel courts offer a multitude of benefits for hotel owners.

As you consider ways to stay competitive and appealing in the hospitality industry, adding padel to your amenities list is a winning investment that can help your hotel thrive in the years to come.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to score big with padel courts – your guests and your bottom line will thank you.

You can get a free padel court quote from us today or for more court information like dimensions and costs then read our full guide here.

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