Padel Courts for Schools and Universities

Padel courts at a school and university

Padel, a dynamic and fast-growing racket sport, is not limited to professional clubs or exclusive resorts.

In fact, it has found a new home within the educational sector.

Padel courts for schools and universities have become an attractive addition to campuses, offering students a unique sporting experience, opportunities for lessons and coaching, and the chance to compete in thrilling tournaments against other educational institutions.

In this post, we’ll explore how padel courts can enhance the educational experience, provide valuable insights for facility planners, and discuss the benefits of introducing these courts to your school or university.

The Rise of Padel in Educational Institutions

As the popularity of padel continues to surge globally, schools and universities are recognising the potential of this sport to enrich the lives of their students.

Educational facilities are increasingly turning to padel as a valuable addition to their athletic programs.

Due to the sport’s growing popularity, access to courts is becoming an influential factor for students who play the game.

Soon, padel courts will be an expected facility similar to tennis courts which are prevalent at the majority of schools and unis.

Padel courts next. toa running track at a university

Benefits of Padel Courts for Schools and Universities

  • Physical Fitness: Padel encourages students to stay active, improving their physical health and overall well-being.
  • Social Interaction: the sport promotes social interaction and teamwork, fostering a sense of camaraderie among students.

    It’s also very easy to pick up for beginners so you can expect your courts to be regularly played on – unlike the dwindling popularity of tennis courts.
  • Skill Development: padel courts provide an excellent platform for developing racket skills, coordination, and agility.
  • Mental Toughness: Learn how the game hones mental resilience, focus, and strategic thinking.

Lessons and Coaching

Once you have courts at your educational facility there will be countless opportunities for structured padel lessons and coaching on campus.

These programs can be integrated into the physical education curriculum or offered as extracurricular activities, contributing to the holistic development of your students.

Man coaching padel to a female player

Hosting Intercollegiate Padel Tournaments

Intercollegiate padel tournaments are a fantastic opportunity to promote your school or university and make it a desirable place for prospective students to attend.

Hosting tournaments either against other schools or between colleges will undoubtedly bring excitement on campus, enhancing school spirit, and promoting friendly competition.

Plus, you can rent out your courts to other clubs, schools, or communities wishing to play or host tournaments which could be. a great way of earning extra revenue.

Court Construction and Planning

You will need to consider whether you’re building over existing facilities like tennis courts (where you can fit 3 padel courts per tennis court) or if you need a dedicated space.

You will need to consider factors like available space, visibility, and accessibility.

See our guide for full padel court size and space requirements.

Funding and Budget Considerations

Because the International Padel Federation is keen to continue growing the sport they are encouraging funding partners to help build courts.

In the UK, for instance, you can get funding from the Lawn Tennis Association to build new padel courts at your school or university.

We can help discuss funding opportunities with you. Just get a quote from our team today!

Even without funding, however, padel courts make for a great investment with quick returns.

And that’s largely due to how quickly the sport is growing and the demand for playtime on courts.

Your school should see a return on investment on your courts within a few years.

Inside a green padel court


Padel courts for schools and universities are more than just recreational spaces; they are catalysts for holistic student development.

By introducing this dynamic sport to your campus, you can enhance physical fitness, promote social interaction, and create a platform for skill development.

Moreover, you can establish your institution as a hub for intercollegiate competition, fostering a sense of pride among students and alumni.

With careful planning and investment, you can unlock the potential of padel as a valuable asset for your educational facility.

Are you considering adding padel courts to your school or university?

Get a quote from us today to discuss the benefits, planning, and construction of these exciting additions to your campus.

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