The Evolution of Padel Court Design

Old vs new padel courts

What sets padel apart is not just its exciting gameplay but also the evolution of padel court design.

From classic beginnings to cutting-edge modern layouts, in this article, we’ll show you the fascinating journey of padel court design.

Classic Padel Court Design – The Pioneering Days

In the early days of padel, court design was fairly straightforward.

Courts were typically enclosed by simple wire mesh fences or solid brick walls, and the playing surface was often made of concrete.

These classic courts were functional but lacked some of the features seen in modern designs.

But got to start somewhere eh!

First ever padel court design
This was the first ever padel court! Sorry for the blurry image, cameras were rubbish back in 1969.

The Shift to Glass Walls – Improved Visibility and Aesthetics

One significant development in padel court design was the introduction of glass walls.

Glass walls not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the courts but also improved visibility for both players and spectators.

This shift transformed the playing experience, making it more dynamic and engaging.

In fact, this change is arguably one of the biggest contributors to the sports rapid growth and appeal.

Padel court with glass walls

Indoor vs. Outdoor Courts Padel Court Design

With the increasing popularity of padel, the demand for both indoor and outdoor courts grew.

Indoor courts allowed players to enjoy the game year-round, while outdoor courts provided a more open-air and classic experience.

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Indoor and outdoor blue padel courts

Surfaces Matter – The Impact of Court Materials

Another critical aspect of padel court design is the choice of playing surface materials.

Classic courts were often made of concrete, but modern designs offer various options such as artificial turf, acrylic, and occasionally clay.

These materials affect gameplay, ball bounce, and player comfort, making surface selection an essential consideration in court design.

The most commonly used surface is artificial turf with a light layer of sand to improve grip.

Two players playing padel on a blue indoor court

Innovations in Lighting – Playing at Any Time

Proper lighting is vital for padel court design, especially for outdoor facilities.

The introduction of energy-efficient LED lighting systems and miniature flood lights revolutionised padel courts.

Players can now enjoy games even during late evening hours, further enhancing the sport’s accessibility.

Padel court lighting

Accessible and Inclusive Padel Court Design

Modern padel court design also focuses on inclusivity.

Courts are now built with considerations for players with disabilities, ensuring that the sport is accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical abilities.

This includes wider doors and larger spaces surrounding courts for wheelchair padel games.

Accessible padel court for wheelchair players

Summing Up

The evolution of padel court design has come a long way, transitioning from classic simplicity to modern versatility.

Today’s padel courts offer improved aesthetics, enhanced playing experiences, and a commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

As padel continues to grow in popularity, we can expect further innovations in court manufacturing that will shape the future of this exciting racket sport.

If you’re considering installing padel courts on your facilities then you can read our full guide here or get a quote directly from our team!

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